Degrowth Festival – the Syndicate of Creatures invited in mid September 2023, the Degrowth communities together with the general population to a Degrowth Festival at ∆ulturhuset Islands Brygge. It was a festival with engaging conversations, collaborative thinking, art and communal dining, for the purpose of in collaboration to generate new imaginary societal constructions; to build on caring structures for each other and nature.
16-17. 9. 2023

Voices of Pythia – An exhibition platform carried by the oracle voices of artists and the speech as a performative format. Our time need new voices - we call upon the arts to talk for our time of comming.
20.11 2020 - 12.12 2021

Slug Solen (Swallow the Sun) – Two performances by Nanna Gro Henningsen and Signe Vad, at Gul Festival, Contry Town, Dybe DK
21-23.8 2020

Pythia's Journals – an online monomedia art festival text, sound & visual art and radio, that offers different possibilities to think, act and sense ourselves into a future. Pythia was the interpreter of the curious singing sounds from the intoxicated oracles. Initiated during Covid 19 lockdown. the festival is closed now. initiated and curated by Signe Vad and TR Kirstein
Link to FB page about the festival where it is possible to get an impression of the activities at PJ:
13.5 - 26.5 2020

Catastrophe – Facebook exhibition during covid 19 lockdown initiated and curated by SV
Link to the FB exhibition:

Office of Emergency – An innovative, activist art project that stimulates interpersonal relationships and dialogue about the climate crisis. OoE is a long term project collaborating with Rehab-Shop in Göteborg, SE, and are involved in numerous activities.
The main office of the project is a space on Vesterbrogade 101 in Copenhagen. The office opened briefly just before corona and will be open again from start September. OoE is initiated by SV.
29.2 2020 –

Empedocles' Ghost – an exhibition about exploring science and mysticism's forgotten relationship
LA-based Noysky Projects and the Syndicate of Creatures in Collaboration.
Artists: Naja Ryd Ankarfeldt and Elena Lundquist Ortíz (DK), Michael Carter (US), Jenalee Harmon (US), Alexander Holm (DK), Larry and Debby Kline (US), Sean Noyce (US), Camilla Reyman (DK), Samuel Scharf (US), Katya Usvitsky (US), and Melissa Walter (US). Performers: Alexander Holm & Mads Kristian Frøslev (DK), Mycelium (DK), Morblod (DK), and Family Underground (DK). Curated by Sean Noyce.
4 – 11.7 2019

How Do we Deal With the End of the World
Workshop for AIM in Plovidv European Capital of Culture 2019, Bulgaria
By the Syndicate of Creatures / Signe Vad (DK) and Appelros(DK/SE)
6 .6 2019

Works on Paper – AIM in Plovidv European Capital of Culture 2019, Bulgaria
Co-Exsistance By the Syndicate of Creatures / Signe Vad (DK) and Appelros(DK/SE)
6 – 8.6 2019

Meat and Mysticism
A group show by the Syndicate of Creatures in Noysky Projects(US).
With: Elena Lundquist Ortíz(DK), Signe Vad (DK), Marianne Jørgensen(DK), Fryd Frydendahl(DK), Michelle Appelros(DK/SE), Ciriza(US) and Thinh Nguyen(US)
Curated by Signe Vad (DK) and Michelle Appelros(DK/SE)
4 – 23.5 1019

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Exhibitions and Events in KRÆ Syndikatet(tSoC)'s exhibition space at Halmtorvet 11B
From June 2017 to October 2019
– the space was an old unaltered stable in the meat packing district of Copenhagen

Solstice celebration and opening event of KRAE syndicate
with concerts, performance, readings and auction
21.6 2017

Extremophiles I - a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world
Group show: Åsa Millholm (SE), Muhammed Ali (SYR), Patrik Evereus (SE), Filip V. Jensen (DK) og Birgit Munch (DK)
Curated by Signe Vad(DK) & Michelle Appelros(DK/SE)
6.7 – 12.8 2017

Agnostiske Salmer (Agnostic Hymns)
A performance by Marie Eline Hansen(DK) and release of her new vinyl album
13.8 2017

A Hymn to The Slaughetered Pig
Group show: Michelle Appelros(DK/SE), Timotie Girardon(SE), Signe Vad(DK) og Mycelium.
24.8 – 2.9 2017

Art in your neigbourhood – CPH Art Week
28.8 2017

The Upside Down
Group show: Fie Norsker(DK), Georg Jagunov(DK), Tine Adler(DK), Kasper A. Holm, (DK) Tabita Henriksen(DK), Christian Finne(DK) og Lando(DK)
15.9 – 11.10 2017

A solo show by Laurits Nymand Svendsen(DK)
14.10 – 4.11 2017

Illusion Space
Interactive Performance by Muhammed Ali(SYR)
Arranged as a collaboration between KRÆ syndikatet and AllArtNow(SYR)
16.12 2017

Film screening by animation film director Sara Koppel(DK)
Organised by Naked Love Film and KRÆ syndikatet
18.12 2017

Winter Solstice
Event with Marie Eline Hansen(DK), Family Underground(DK),
21.12 2017

Night Trumpet
Group show: Jakob Kolb(AT), d. ersatz (DK), Gustav Løje (DK), Eliyah Mesayer (DK). Curated by Deniz Gül(DK)
18 – 21.1 2018

Pink River Dolphins
Mia Line(DK), Peter Funch(DK), Lucy Helton(US), Diego Sirrealta-Leon(ES), Matilde Søes Rasmussen(DK). Curated by Fryd Frydendahl(DK)
22.2 – 3.3 2018

The Radical Manifests of Contemporary Art
A reading and performance enevt event arranged by the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Mycelium and KRÆ syndikatet
25.2 2018

Birth Earth and Dawn – LEFTOVERS
A solo show by Malwina Migacz(DK), Curated by Elena Lundqvist Ortiz(DK)
16.3 – 7.4 2018

Rex Kyed
Music event with Rex Kyed(DK) 5.4 2018

KRÆ at Supermarket Independent Art Fair
Presenting Malwina Migacz(DK), Elena Lundqvist Ortiz(DK), Signe Vad (DK) and Michelle Appelros(DK/SE)
12 – 15.4 2018

Performing images
A solo Show by Meira Ahmemulic(SE), curated by Signe Vad (DK),
28.4 – 19.5 2018

The Potential of Printed Matter – Black Book Publications Exh.
Group show: Simon Berg (SE), Kalle Sanner (SE), Lotta Törnroth (SE), Emanuel Cederqvist (SE), Agnes Thor (SE) og Signe Vad (DK), Casia Bromberg (SE), Rikard Laving (SE). Organised by KRÆ syndikatet – Copenhagen Photo Festival 2018.
8 – 17.6 2018

Summer Solstice in KRÆ
Mycelium, Solhvervs ritual "Life", angela rawlings + SHE'S A SHOW, ÅL MED AUTISME, Forlaget Uro + Teater clapclap. Organised by Mycelium, KRÆ syndikatet and Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology.
21.6 2018

The Last Cosy House
A performance festival with 3o Negari, Tobias Kirstein, SæNk, Kristoffer Raasted & Mads Kristian Frøslev, Felia Gram-Hanssen & Stine Frandsen, Francesca Buratelli, Fabienne Erato, Claus Haxholm, Ydegirl, Gel curated by Sensorisk Verden, arranged in collaboration with Insula Music and KRÆ syndikatet
9 – 11.7 2018

An exhibition by Pernille Kjær Jørgensen(DK) and Sofie Andersen(DK)
26 – 28.7 2018

Anthropocene LeftOvers
A solo show by Clara Black Starck. Curated by Signe Vad
28.9 – 20.10 2018

About tSoC
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The Syndicate of Creatures is: Signe Vad(DK) MFA from Valand Art Academy, University of Gothenburg, Visual Artist and Curator; Michelle Appelros(SE) Performer and reseacher Human Ecology; Nanna Gro Henningsen(DK) Visual Artist and Cand. mag. in Modern Culture from University of Copenhagen.

the Syndicate of Creatures is a non-profit organisation. Board members: visual artist Marianne Jørgensen, visual artist Eva Merz, visual artist Jesper Rasmussen, photographer and visual artist Fryd Frydendahl, musician and author Torsten Høeg.

Institut For Organisk Kunst / Institute For Organic Art
An experimental exhibition platform i an old display-case.
The project started in Office of Emergency march 2022 and have since then moved first to Farbrikken For Art and Design and then to Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, where the seventh exhibition is at display now.
1. 'the Polyanna Principle', by Skup Palet (SE). 2. 'Malstrøm', by Henriette Camilla Hansen. 3. 'Until it Burst the Hearts', by Grete Dalum-Tilds. 4. 'I Need Courage', Niels Pugholm. 5. 'Imagine the Danish Landscape Of Your Dreams', by Ola Arent (Pol). 6. Karin Lorentzen. 7. 'Vejbred i tre tilstande', by Nanna Gro Henningsen
4.3.2022 - onwards
Events, exhibitions and workshops by the Syndicate of Creatures since 2019