We are KRÆ. We are creatures. We are a syndicate of creatures who believe that the world needs radical rethinking.

While the capitalistic autocannibliism devours our nature, feasts on all living creatures and living growths; while we humans becomes a bottomless gap of insatiable needs, in a splintered world, where reflection hurts as the world is spinning in the wrong direction; we turn into disturbing creatures – we become KRÆ – creatures identifying with critters and growths, emerging as beings of the earth.

The Syndicate of Creatures gathers around exhibitions, events, rituals and conversations. We work with events that revolve around inter-connectedness to the past, the future, to the nature of multiple creatures and species, to each other and in the common world.

We want to create an experimental non-profit environment for rethinking; we start by dealing with the grotesque, the absurd, the rejected, and the elements of nature, the roots, the robots and death.

We use art and poetic collaboration as a gateway to disturb our fossilized mind-sets and awaken numb senses.
'Birth Earth and Dawn - LEFTOVERS'
by Malwina Migacz (DK) 2018
Marie Eline Hansen (DK) performing 2019
In front of a collaborate work by Naja Ryd Ankarfeldt and Elena Lundquist Ortíz (DK)
Zine produced for the Exhibition:
Empedocles' Ghost – an exhibition about exploring science and mysticism's forgotten relationship
LA-based Noysky Projects and the Syndicate of Creatures in Collaboration, Curated by Sean Noyce
Artists: Naja Ryd Ankarfeldt and Elena Lundquist Ortíz (DK), Michael Carter (US), Jenalee Harmon (US), Alexander Holm (DK), Larry and Debby Kline (US), Sean Noyce (US), Camilla Reyman (DK), Samuel Scharf (US), Katya Usvitsky (US), and Melissa Walter (US)
Performers: Alexander Holm/Mads Kristian Frøslev (DK), Mycelium (DK), Francesca Burattelli(DK), and Family Underground (DK)
The flag Death to the Death Star, in a collaborative version between tSoC/ Michelle Appelros & Signe Vad and LA-based exhibition space Noysky Projects
At the end of it's journey it is back in nature somewhere in Utah
Altar by Elena Lundquist Ortíz (DK) for an event about the contemporary arts radical manifests
How Do We Deal With the End of the World, tSoC workshop by Michelle Appelros and Signe Vad for AIM (Artist Initiative Meetings), Plovdiv 2019
Next Project: The Voices of Pythia
Latest Project: www.pythiasjournals.zone
Active Projects
Office of Emergency
Office of Emergency
A climate emergency activist art project that centers around an office-space in Copenhagen.
The office is a hub for a broader collaboration and sideprojects.
OoE opened just before the Corona lock-down, but is reopening in september 2020